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4th Down Software Products
Success Story
"Thanks to the entire 4th Down team for making the iPad portion of this meeting a huge success! You certainly lived up to the great reputation that preceded you."

- Executive Producer
  Production Company

  420 attendees
  3 day meeting
Company Overview

Mobile App Solutions
We specialize in mobile application development for iPads, iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and Android-based devices. Our extensive experience in successfully deploying technology in live meetings of all types and sizes is second to none.

Training Solutions
Our services include mobile app development, eLearning (online training), website development, consulting and all other custom software development.

Full-Service Software Development
We are a full-service software development company that specializes in creating functional, dependable and effective technology solutions to meet your needs -- and your deadline.

When you need it done, go for it with 4th Down.
Meeting Insight

What is Meeting Insight?
It's the solution to maximizing your meeting ROI. Meeting Insight gives everyone at your meeting a voice to interact in multiple ways. Expose trends and gaps in your sales team's knowledge and competencies by collecting data to generate reports and meaningful analytics.

Meeting Insight combines an iPad app branded to your meeting theme with 4th Down's robust data collection and analytics platform to enhance any live meeting or event. The iPad app can be installed on your own devices or rental devices. We handle all of the preparation for you.

· Knowledge Assessments/Test
· Certification Role-Plays
· Q&A
· Surveys/Evaluations
· Audience Response (ARS)
· Media Delivery (Videos)
· Reference Materials (PDFs)
· Meeting Materials (Agendas, Maps)

Completely Customizable Design
The look and feel of the app is completely customizable to match your meeting/event theme for a consistent experience.

Schedule a Demo
4th Down is ready to work with you to create the custom solution that you need for your meeting. Contact us to find out more and to schedule a demo.
  Training Insight

What is Training Insight?
It's the solution to assessing, measuring and training your employees in real-time.

Training Consistency
Increase the effectiveness of your sales force with a training solution that presents a consistent message while allowing you to assess the knowledge of each individual person. Get real-time reports on your employees while they are in the field and keep them updated with the latest materials and sales support.

In this day and age, there is no reason for you not to be in touch with each and every member of your sales force. Get that with Training Insight.

Schedule a Demo
4th Down is ready to work with you to create the custom solution that you need to train your team. Contact us to find out more and to schedule a demo.
Why 4th Down?

Experienced, Proven Team
4th Down's team has successfully executed a multitude of live meeting and training events over the past decade. We specialize in seamlessly incorporating technology into live events and doing so on time and on budget. 4th Down has also been working with iPads since their introduction in 2010 and has had prior experience working with the iOS platform in programming the iPod Touch.

Data Capture
The data gathered and the reports generated from such data are the most important aspects of using our technology. That is the true value of using 4th Down's software platform. 4th Down has designed its platform to capture data in a redundant fashion so that none of your important data is lost. Everything that happens while using 4th Down's platform is captured and made available to you in a raw format or in custom reports.

User-Friendly Interface
The User Interface that 4th Down has designed is meant to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. Time should not be wasted teaching the users how to interact with the technology, but rather be spent in productive activities. We work with you to implement as much or as little tutorial time on how to use our iPad app as possible. The user-friendly design makes it easy for users to pick up and use our app on the iPad with minimal instruction.